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Letters from some of our Clients..

November 10, 2015


Eva R.

St. Clements, ON


To Whom It May Concern,


I am writing this letter of recommendation for Stephen Avent, owner of Trillium K-9 Obedience & Protection Training.  Right from our first encounter with Stephen and his program we knew he was the right trainer for Atos, our pure bred Doberman Alpha male.  We had tried three previous trainers and had little success or feedback.

Stephen is very professional and top in his field of training.  Atos boarded with Stephen for 3 months and then another 1 month period.  I have a very busy schedule and Stephen was more than accommodating and really strived to ensure success.  His methods of training with Atos were both caring and firm.  Atos thrived in this environment.

Stephen kept Atos with him on the main floor and the place was immaculate. The environment was clean and inviting every time we visited. Atos was clean and groomed when we came to pick him up.

Stephen has remained active in Atos’ continued training, answering questions and giving advice and suggestions as needed. I would recommend Stephen and Trillium K-9 Obedience & Protection training and will certainly continue to use him going forward.




Eva R.

Trained Doberman Pincher

A letter from Dunstan:


WHO, and WHAT, is a “CANE CORSO”?

A “CANE CORSO” is: Very rare, noble, majestic, and powerful in presence, the “Cane Corso” is a muscular and large-boned breed. One of two native Italian "mastiff type" dogs that descended from the Roman Canis Pugnaces, the breed's name derives from the Latin "Cohors" which means "Guardian" ...  They are extremely Intelligent, are easily trained. As a large and athletic breed, they need a lot of exercise. They are affectionate to their owner and bond closely with children and family.


I didn’t know that, but now I do; and, here is my story about Capital Cane Corso, TRILLIUM K-9 Ottawa Based, Obedience & Protection Training; Stephen Avent, Owner/Trainer; his wife and partner Dalice, who also runs their professional, home based dog grooming salon; my newly ADOPTED, Grand Champion 2013, retired, PRE-TRAINED OBEDIENCE & PERSONAL PROTECTION, CONSTANT COMPANION, GUARDIAN & PROTECTOR, JUNO ANGELO, and me.


I, Dunstan Briggs, an 80 year old senior, having had one heart attack, and having an on-going ANGINA condition, live with my wife, in a pet friendly, Hi Rise Condo in Osborne Village, an up-scale neighborhood, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


In this fallen & broken world we live in, about May or June 2014, in broad daylight, I believe, a SENIOR was mugged, and seriously injured, at the corner of Osborne St. and River Avenue, in Osborne Village.  With my condition, I have to exercise and go on frequent short walks, day and night, even after midnight. 


When I was a young guy, and especially now, I WAS, and STILL AM, A FIGHTER, NOT A LOVER. I NEVER WILL be INTIMIDATED.  I thought, If that ever happens to me, I WOULD and STILL WILL, FIGHT. I realize, that would cost my life, if not from stab wounds, or gunshot, then probably a heart attack.


So, I said to myself: “If I can’t carry a gun; or even a stun gun, I sure as hell can own a professionally trained “Guard Dog” and any SOB who dares to even threaten me, will be my dog’s BREAKFAST or DINNER.


I, immediately, went to my computer and GOOGLED and found:


Capital Cane Corso, Trillium K-9 Obedience & Protection Training:


We corresponded back and forth for sometime and…the rest is HISTORY.


The gorgeous black brindle female whom they (Stephen & Dalice) retired after her Fall 2014 litter, is now MY ADOPTED, Grand Champion, retired, PRE-TRAINED, CONSTANT COMPANION, GUARDIAN & PROTECTOR, JUNO ANGELO.  Her name is JUNO.  I asked to add ANGELO.  ANGELS have no gender so ANGELO is for MICHAEL the ARCH ANGEL, who cast SATAN and his band into HELL.


I flew to HAMMOND, near OTTAWA, to meet and get acquainted with JUNO ANGELO, December 1st 2014.  This is a MUST if you ADOPT or BUY. You MUST GO, MEET your COMPANION, GUARDIAN & PROTECTOR, and those responsible for his, or her, BREEDING and TRAINING. 


When you see the TRILLIUM FACILITY, you know that this is a PROFESSIONAL TRAINING FACILITY. NOTHING BUT THE BEST.  It all starts with the BREADING and TRAINING.


I spent 3 days with Stephen, Dalice & JUNO ANGELO, handling her with SUPERVISION. JUNO took to me like we had always been COMPANIONS.  She was so OBEDIENT and LOVEABLE.


I then returned home and Stephen AIR CANADA CARGOED her to me on December 11TH

Now came the MOMENT of TRUTH.  JUNO ANGELO and I were ALONE.  How would she behave.  Well, like the LADY GRAND CHAMPION she is.




In a CONDO of 900 sq. ft. plus balcony, on the 17th floor, she is very comfortable. She tells me every time she washes my face.


She is more OBEDIENT, and WELL BEHAVED than most of the residents in the building.

Just before CHRISTMAS, 2 children, a girl, about 5 or 6; and a boy, 12 or 13, separately, on 2 different occasions, asked if they could hug JUNO. I said “Of course, go ahead.”  Both were just overjoyed.  The boy got his face washed. He said “I’m never going to wash my face. again.”


This is the TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.  I was, just a couple of days after JUNO ANGELO arrived in Winnipeg, walking JUNO ANGELO after midnight.  I was in the middle of the road on a crescent.  I slipped on some black ice.  I went down. There was nothing to hold onto to get me up.  JUNO ANGELO, immediately, came to my front.  She stood perpendicular to my face allowing me to place my hands on her back, and I got my, 80 year old,175 lbs. self, to my feet.  You can bet, I thanked her profusely.


I haven’t had such a Merry Christmas in a long time.


So, what are you waiting for?




Dunstan Briggs  



Cane Corso and 80 year old owner
Dalice & Stephen,
Bronx joined our family on November 22, 2013. He was the cutest and most playful pup we have ever seen!! We are coming up on our 1 year anniversary and we would not have made it this far if it wasn't for the excellent support and training we've received from Trillium K9 and Capital Cane Corso.
We've had multiple dogs in the past from Labrador to Shar-pei'. Having a Cane Corso has been a great deal of commitment to working and training our pup. We must say we've had "moments" of "I can't do this" or "he's too strong and very stubborn" Stephen and Dalice were just a call or text away to help assess the situation and come to the rescue. Their knowledge and experience was very valuable. They gave us such great help and assured us that this pup will mature into a fabulously loyal adult dog. They were right! Bronx is such a fantastic dog! Such a lover, obedient and a hard worker. He loves to please us by completing all his commands.
Trillium K9 provides in home training which helped us train Bronx and our family without having to head out. The training is terrific, effective as well as very practical. You must be willing to work hard if you want a Cane Corso. The rewards are truly worth it! A big thank you to Stephen and Dalice for their commitment to giving their best to their customers and the breed. A great team for sure.
Michele, Alexa, Danika,
Rylee (Cairn Terrier)
& Jean-Yves.


Trained Cane Corso
Hey Stephen and Dalice, 
I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you have done for us and Mac. From the selection of the perfect dog for us, to the excellent training, and all the help along the way, he really is a wonderful addition to our family.  You were able to answer every question we had and gave us incite when we needed it most. Not only is he the most handsome boy, he has a wonderful mentality and we wouldn't have wanted any other dog but him. We can not thank you enough for everything you have done for us, and we look forward to the rest of the training Mac will receive. Even more so, looking forward to the next puppy we will be getting from you in the future, another perfect addition I can only imagine.
Very Thankful Again,
Scott Lovell & Victoria Gray


Trained Cane Corso
Dear Steven and Dalice,
We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your help with Alfie’s training. For both of us, Alfie, our landseer Newfoundland male, was the first dog that we had to train by ourselves. We had had family pets in the past but we were never the ones to train them. We decided to get some additionnal help since we tried everything that we knew but we were not seeing the desired results. We did quite a bit of research but you definitely stood out from all other trainers.
We are extremely happy that we called you. You were able to come to our home and acess the situation. It didn’t take you long to indicate what the biggest issues were and to get us started on the right path. You were very professionnal in pointing out our mistakes and that, without making us feel bad. Within a couple of weeks we saw a huge improvement in Alfie’s behaviour. We were confident that we could overcome all of the issues with your guidance and with a lot of hard work.
Not only did you help us change our training techinques and teach us how to deal with certain innivitable situations, you also helped us create a bond with Alfie which we were never able to have before. For that, we are extremely grateful. 
Our lives have completely changed since the first training session. You have given us continuous support over the years and you have tought us lessons that we will take with us for the rest of our lives. We are confident that Alfie will one day be a great family dog and hope that we can eventually find him another friend to spend his days with.  
Dalice, you are an amazing groomer and we (including Alfie) look forward to every grooming session. He always comes out looking amazing and he always seems to enjoy himself. We know how hard it can be to groom such a big guy but you do a wonderful job!
Thank you a million times for everything that you have done.
Best wishes,
Marc, Melissa and Alfie
Trained Giant Newfoundlander
Trained Cane Corso
While I have owned dogs my entire life this was my first experience with a Giant breed and more specifically a cane corso.  When I started looking online for a breeder I must admit that I was confronted with a lot of different options but you quickly ascended to the top of the list.  It became very clear that your knowledge of both the breed and training was going to ensure we found a prefect match for our home.
Being a family of five people including three children, one of which who is only 1 ½ years old, and not to mention a 2 year old 6 lbs Maltese dog, it was important for me to not only avoid a massive disruption but also ensure we provide a stable environment for a new puppy.   The opportunity to allow you to train Django for the first 6 months was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made regarding a pet! 
I picked up a 6 month old 80 LBS Cane Corso and we were able to bring him into our household with ease. Your guidelines and consistent training protocols ensured both Django and our family could easily come together.
At a year old we have a stable, calm, and  gentle giant who fits perfectly into our lives.
Thank you so much for everything



My wife and I hired Steve to help us get Winston, our 2 year old Rottie, under control. We had already done two basic obedience training courses and one advanced obedience training and were unsatified with the end result. From the first visit with Steve, Winston's behaviour began to improve.
Steve's professional and balanced approach to training taught us a method and routine for our dog that has strengthened the bond between us and Winston. My wife's confidence in herself has improved over the past year. The influence that training Winston has had on her character and will is amazing.
It is great to have confidence in our dog when our nephews come over. We can see the result of all of the hard work when we watch him heel Josh, 10, or listen to commands from Drew, 8.
Since working with Steve we have decided to take on a second dog a 9 week old Bull terrier named Daliah. Winston has been nothing short of a gentleman being calm and balanced as a hyper puppy bounds around and all over him. The fact that he is so responsive to commands makes rearing this little one so much easier. I'm confident that using the methods Steve taught us, we will have no problem raising this addition to our family. Winston truly has become an amazing ambassor of his breed.
I can't say enough about Trillium K-9 training. It was totally worth the investment.
Brendan & Jess
Trained Rottweiler
Trained Cane Corso
As a first time Mastiff owner I knew I would need some help. I did almost 6 months of research before I settled on that magnificent Cane Corso. Having done my research I knew that this would be a wonderful dog if trained properly and a danger if not. 
I hired Stephen when my dog was about 1.5 yrs old. I had done a clicker training class and basic obedience class with her at two different location before hand. As my dog is intact I wanted to do some one on one training. I gave Stephen a call and he came by with an assessment to see what we will need to do. He has helped me tremendously since that first day. Since I work from home and Zsa Zsa comes with me everywhere I wanted to make sure that I will always have control of her even when a treat or clicker is not in hand.  
From the first class it became obvious to me that Stephen was in-fact training me more so then my dog. I had developed habits that I wasn't even conscious about in regards to my interaction with Zsa Zsa. Through the course Stephen was always available to answer any questions that I had and to this day still have. I have seen his dogs in action and I am striving to achieve that with Zsa Zsa as well. 
Zsa Zsa is now the star when we go out. People seem to be more excited to see my dog then me at times. She comes shopping with me and to the bank where the tellers now have cookies specifically or her visits. I also own some properties with students and when me and zsa zsa go for a visit she is always so calm and loves the attention she gets. 
I don't think that there is one day that goes by when someone is complimenting me on how well she is behaved from other dog owners to ppl that are affraid of dogs. With Her good nature and the obedience that we have done with Stephen even my uncle is excited when he sees her. This same uncle was deathly afraid of dogs of any size two years ago. 
The interaction level and new understanding of my dog and hers of my expectations is incredible and for that I will ever be grateful. I have and will no doubt keep recommending him and look forward to work with him in the future. 
Thank you once again
Lorant and Zsa Zsa
I have owned a number of large breeds in the past, however first heard about and saw Cane Corsos several years ago on an Italian police base and soon fell in love with the breed. They seemed so powerful (majestic even) but also gentle and obedient. Upon my return to Canada I mentioned it to my wife, searched them on the Internet, but she dismissed the idea saying that the dogs were too big. This all changed last year when we had the opportunity to visit Stephen and Dalice and their dogs, and what I observed were two extremely knowledgeable and caring individuals. As others have mentioned, you can tell allot by visiting a kennel and spending some time with the owners, well after the initial visit our minds were made up soon after.
Our dog Zeus was to be a surprise Christmas present for our 10 year old daughter Jordan. Stephen and Dalice sent us pictures of the litter and continuously put up with our endless questions on how the puppies were doing. The time finally came and our little boy came home and became part of our family. Stephen’s training was immensely helpful in not training Zeus but in training me on how to handle such a powerful and smart animal, for that I thank him. Our little man has now grown and at 10 months weighs 115 lbs. he is the center of attention at any soccer field and has become the team mascot.
People seem to go out of their way to inquire about what breed of dog he is and to mention how gorgeous and calm he is for such a large puppy. I am not one to give praise easily, but I thank Stephen and Dalice for giving us such a wonderful addition to the family.
Carl, Brandy & Jordan
Trained Cane Corso
Hello Stephen and Dalice

I can't thank you enough for helping us with "Allie". As you know we had trouble bonding with Allie when we first got her. Her dominance and stubborn streak were more than we bargained for. She was in our opinion out of control. I felt as if we were bad owners because we didn't really feel for Allie what we had felt for all of our other dogs. Bonding was not happening and I felt very bad.
When we first chatted with you about Allie you were both understanding and encouraging. After a few lessons and a stay with you Allie started to become a dog we would want to keep and have her become part of our family. With a special needs daughter we had to be sure this was in fact the right dog for our family.

As you know we were recently on a vacation and for the first time we all admitted to missing Allie. She has become part of our family and that is thanks to you. Her good behaviour, her acceptance of training, her listening and eye contact have increased tremendously. It was nice to see her happy to see us as well. We have learned a lot from you and admittedly have a lot more to learn from you, so does Allie but.....there is a new attitude of being positive about her. We thank you for that.
Your cooperation, availability, and professionalism has been very much appreciated. We look forward to watching your business grow and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone with a training need.

We look forward to working with you in the
future and as Allie turns "1" next month we
know we have many good years ahead with
her...Thank you.

Sharron, David & Jennifer M.

Please find attached a very happy Jennifer
with her dog Allie.
Trained German Shephard
Trained Cane Corso
We have had a number of dogs over the years from reputable breeders from whom we have received quality service and animal however this is the first occasion we have been compelled to write a letter in support of an individual breeder.

Stephen and Dalice are absolutely wonderful people in their own right and the love and attention they have for their occupation and specifically each dog that they handle is not only evident but is over flowing.  We had the pleasure to meet Stephen and Dalice one month before our puppies litter was to be born.  We were not familiar with the breed and Kristen was nervous of large (let alone giant) dogs.  To say we were put at ease would be a gross understatement.  We were introduced to each adult dog and quickly began to appreciate the calmness of the breed together with the commitment that Stephen and Dalice had in handling, training and caring for their “children”.

To visit a kennel is always interesting as it can be very telling of the individuals and the quality of the animals, Capital Cane Corso is unique.  The Kennel if you can refer to it is a home for the dogs.  Heated, vented meticulously clean.  All of the Corsi are welcomed into the home and the puppies are nothing less than babies to Stephen and Dallas who ensure there needs (and many wants) are met.

We utilized the services of Stephen and Trillium K9 Training for our boy so he resided for 6 months with Stephen and Dallice, although it seemed very long as we, like anyone, wanted our pup the training, obedience, socialization and manners Grimm obtained was absolutely amazing.  There is little doubt that Corsi are very intelligent  and the manner in which Stephen trains taps into their potential.  Well worth the investment both in time and financially to have a great dog made phenomenal.

The patience and assistance provided to us and our 4 children by Stephen and Dalice was exemplary.  Prior to our puppy’s birth the many emails and questions we forwarded were answered along with far greater information being passed along.  After birth our entire family was warmly received for visits as regularly as we wished, which was numerous.  Each visit enforced our appreciation and respect for these dog lovers and caregivers, and the support was never in doubt.  There is no question that in the future questions that need to be answered will be and that there will always be an open door for problems to be solved.

We cannot recommend more highly Stephen, Dalice Capital Cane Corso and Trillium K9 for anyone interested in this magnificent breed.  You may be certain you will receive great information, superb service and the greatest dog, whatever the role required to fulfill your needs and/or wants, without any concerns.  Just be aware, if you are not the right individuals for this breed or their dogs you will not be entrusted with one of their children; a great thing indeed for all that have the right intentions and the best reference that can be stated.

Thank you Stephen and Dalice for giving us the opportunity to have Grimm in our lives and your ongoing support and friendship, truly an honor.

Rob and Kristen H.
Maitland, Ontario

We have had the pleasure of knowing Stephen and Dalice in many different capacities over the past two years.

They opened up their home to us so that we could come and meet their dogs and gave us so much information about the breed. We saw first hand their love of the breed and years of experience.

After making the decision to get a Cane Corso, our relationship with Steven and Dalice didn’t end. They were there for every question, comment, and concern we had. 
After a few short months we decided to go with the obedience training through Trillium K-9 Training. Steven and Dalice came to our home and were very thorough and supportive as they walked us through obedience training. They taught us valuable techniques that we still use on a daily basis.

All the lessons and non-stop support that they provided us with have given us the tools to confidently handle any situation with Dakota.

Even though Dakota has graduated from the training months ago, we still are in close contact with Steven and Dalice on a regular basis with updates on health, grooming, and any concerns that we may have. We are not only very happy to have found a breed that matches our life style, but grateful to have breeders who are an amazing support system. 
Thank you Steven and Dalice for everything you have taught us and for giving us the best gift, Dakota. 
Katie & Cory
Trained Cane Corso
Dear Steven,

First of all, thank you for your unwavering support in our goal to raise our perfect dog. Remus has been a true blessing in our lives. We are first time Mastiff owners and your support and advices have been fantastic.

We initially chose the Corso for its stable temperament, now we have come to realize that its family traits are probably its biggest assets!

Remus truly is a friend to our 3 years old daughter and 9 months old son. If we don`t know where to find him, look for the kids and he will be there! Remus is now 7 months old, but you would never think he is a puppy. He is calm and he listens very well. He follows us around constantly, wanting to be part of the action whatever is happening. We don`t know if it`s the Corso or just him, but we like to think he is VERY special. The only thing he does not do is talk! Although you can read his thoughts on his face!

He has been a superstar everywhere we take him. From the vet, the pet store, walks and to visit friends, everybody actually comments on how good looking and good natured he is. He can be barked at, growled at it does not matter, he always has the same cool attitude. We take him everywhere, he loves the car, loves people and loves new situations. He was recently introduced to the snowblower, what a show that was!! One inch at a time he got closer and closer until he did not notice it anymore!

We also have come to realize that not only is he the most stable, loving and easily trained dog, he is also very intelligent. When we play hide and seek, he always knows which way to go to take a short cut. It sure brings giggles out of Lily evereytime! 

He also seems to just know when something is "wrong". Some kind of a sixth sense to him.
Your help and advices in his training were and still are ever so important. You and Dalice`s love for the breed and well behaved dogs is truly apparent. From the first time we met, almost a year ago to now, you have been patient and understanding with our reality of a busy live. It is my second time getting training with a dog, but truly it is the first time, as your training clearly surpasses anything I did before. We are looking forward to completing the advance obedience training with you.

Lastly, thanks you to you and Dalice for you dedication to this awesome breed. We are now clearly aware of what a GOOD breeder is, and that you are. We see that you love your dogs as family members, and it was very reassuring to see.

We will never thank you enough for bringing Remus in our lives, he truly is our perfect dog!
Kim, Eric, Lily and Isaac
Giant Trained Cane Corso
To whom it may concern;

I recently purchased a Cane Corso from Stephen and Dalice Avent at Capital Cane Corso and had him pre-trained through Stephen with Trillium K-9 Training.  I have been very impressed with the dog I purchased.

A friend recommended Stephen to me and I was impressed with Stephen's high level of commitment to the dogs.

He has a tremendous following and I understand why.  Stephen takes great care in the training of these dogs. His skill is very apparent.

The training is of the highest level and the blood lines are top notch!  After I took my dog home, Stephen was always available for any questions I had, I really appreciated that as I have had several things to ask him since getting my dog. I highly recommend Capital Cane Corso and Trillium K-9 Training. They are world-class breeders and trainers, and I wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anyone.
Brett G. and Gatti
Trained Cane Corso
We decided to hire Stephen to help us train Bella, a Cane Corso puppy, as neither of us had a dog for a long time and felt we didn't know where to start with her training. Steve came to our home for a free consultation, and gave us advice on setting up our home for our new puppy; where to put her kennel, and where to set up special areas for Bella so that she could integrate well into our lifestyle.

The advanced training package we received from Trillium K-9 Training was extremely valuable. We did the homework he gave us and spent many hours practicing the exercises. Our training sessions with Steve were both enjoyable and very educational. As a result, Bella has grown into a wonderful trained dog who is a pleasure to have a part of our family. We receive comments about her disposition and obedience every time we take her out. Because of our time spent doing the bonding and training exercises we learned, we have a dog that is always in tune. She knows her commands in 3 languages, including sign language. So we can even command her from across the field - that is a jaw-dropper for many a spectator!

Even after our official training sessions were over, Steve has been available to us whenever we have a question or are unsure about something. The dogs are his passion, and he loves to see the positive results of his work. We would highly recommend him to anyone who sees value in a well trained dog.
~ Sean and Heather M.
Trained Cane Corso
Dear Steve,
Veronica and I would like to write this letter to let you and your future clients formally know how much we appreciated your time, passion and dedication to helping our family adjust to a new member in our pack.  We mentioned this several times during our sessions, but the friendship we built means a lot to the both of us and we look forward to applying your teachings in the future. 

Our dog Dexter is doing great and based on the activities you perform, the consistency of their application, and tips to building a successful relationship we have built an amazing little family unit. 

Our son Dante is also a little trainer and has grown significantly because of Dexter’s transformation.  I have grown to truly love my new son and it is a much better place than our previous relationship.  His mom is so happy and their bond has gotten even stronger, she applies the tools daily.  Through your guidance, we have come to appreciate that obedience, discipline and a wonderful dog experience takes time, patience, consistency and lots of love…
We wish you the best in pursuing this passion because we want others to share in this wonderful experience.


Your friends,

Tarisha, Veronica, Dante and Dexter ☺
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